Children's University events

Upcoming Children's University events

There are a number of Children's University events available to be booked onto. All events must be booked through schools unless specified otherwise.

Upcoming events in 2018

Podiatry workshop and campus tour – Wednesday 7 November 2018 – available

During this session we introduce children to the important role their feet have for many of their favourite activities, introduce them to the names of the bones involved and discuss the role of a podiatrist. They will complete a workbook that they can take home, part of which records their data and graph from an investigation we run with them into ‘whether taller people have bigger feet’. Usually, we all enjoy these activities and have lots to discuss throughout the session.

LABplus Workshop – Crime Scene and Campus Tour – Thursday 8 November 2018 – booked

In this workshop, students will rotate around a series of activities connected to a crime scene. The activities include fingerprint analysis and reconstructing the human skeleton.

Art in Nature Workshop & campus tour – Monday 12 November 2018 – booked

Changing how children view the outdoors and getting them to be creative with what’s around them! Aimed at the younger years.

Music, Singing Workshop – Monday 26 November 2018 – booked

Music, Singing Workshop – Tuesday 27 November 2018 – booked

LABplus Workshop – Natural History Quiz and Campus Tour – Thursday 29 November 2018 – booked

In this workshop, students will explore a variety of animal and insect specimens from our planet. The specimens will be set out as a quiz so that students can see how much they know about the animals we share the planet with.

Round Robin of Activities – booked

Literacy Event – University of Plymouth with David Lawrence Jones – Tuesday 11 December 2018 – booked


David will take us on the journey of how he became a writer to enthuse and inspire his audience to read more books and write more stories.

Children's University graduations

Get all the way up to 100 stamps and we will give you a gold certificate, and not just that, we will invite you and your family along to the University of Plymouth where you will have a graduation!

Devon and Cornwall Children’s University graduations