Santander with the University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with Santander, with much of our focus on Santander Universities Scholarships and Internships worth almost £100,000 per year.

These enhance the Plymouth student experience including internationally, employability and career development and the internships not only give our students valuable work experience but add genuine value back to the SME community.

Bank colleagues frequently present guest lectures and run workshops for Plymouth students, and participate in student experience competitions as judges or mentors. 

This not only enhances our students' experience but develops their personal and professional skills.

Apply for a Santander Scholarship

Santander Universities Scholarships are available if you're an undergraduate or postgraduate student. They include funding for research projects in the UK and overseas, language exchange programmes and initiatives to promote volunteering and the development of employability skills.
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Santander Internships

Through the Santander paid internship scheme, final year students and recent graduates are able to gain valuable work experience within a small or medium enterprise (a business with less than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than £50 million).

The programme gives students access to the industries and organisations that they want experience in, in order to assist with their future career development. In order to participate in the programme you must have graduated from the University of Plymouth within the last three years or must be due to graduate in 2019.

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Linda Frommel, MSc Brand and Design Management

 “To enrich the academic experience of studying at Plymouth, the Santander bursary is a great opportunity to gain practical experience in addition to the theoretical knowledge acquired at university. It gave me an opportunity to apply what I had learned during my course, as well as to refine knowledge I already had. In addition, this was a perfect opportunity for me to gain an insight into working life in the UK, as I am originally from Germany.”

<p>Linda Frommel<br></p>


Michael Newman, BSc (Hons) Conservation Biology

“This bursary has not only allowed me to gain experience within a sector that I’m very interested in. It has provided me with the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and skill set within my chosen subject area, and therefore increase my employability within an area where experience is invaluable in order to secure a job in the future. To any future applicants for this bursary, I would recommend using it as a stepping stone into the working environment within your chosen area.”

<p>Michael Newman<br></p>