Support for Plymouth University faculties and schools

Supporting internal partners

Some institutional partnerships will originate from - and be driven within - a faculty or school, others at an institutional level. Our role at Academic Partnerships is to assist in the establishment and development of all institutional partnerships; especially through approval and quality assurance oversight.

The University has an agreed financial model that incentivises and rewards faculties and schools equitably for their engagement with institutional partnerships. This is so it can deliver and manage successful partnerships through effective internal collaboration.

At Academic Partnerships, we have an institutional responsibility for the oversight of partnership activity. This involves holding details of all partnership relationships - including related award and student data. This ensures the University effectively manages the risks associated with collaborative provision, meeting its responsibilities outlined in the QAA Quality Code.

We work in different ways depending on the scale and breadth of an institutional partnership:

  • We support institutional relationships that are focused on single subject areas with clear links to a single faculty or school.
  • We ensure consistency where an institutional relationship involves interdisciplinary work. In those cases we'll work with all relevant faculties, schools and other areas of the University to ensure that these partnerships launch successfully - delivering quality and value to the University over the long term.
  • We have experience of supporting work with small partners undertaking one award with the University, through to partners with thousands of students on PU awards, delivered at multiple sites.

Operational guidelines for the development of new collaborative partnership arrangements (UK and International) within AP, and to support developments external to AP.

This set of guidelines supports the approval process for new partnerships governed through Academic Partnerships. It lays out a process for working with AP and provides details on the stages of development for new partnership building. It is designed to be complimentary to the guidance and documentation provided by the Central Quality Office.

For further information contact:

Mark Stone, Associate Professor, Head of UK HE Partnerships, Academic Partnerships.

John Swarbrooke, Head of International Partnerships, Academic Partnerships.

For subject specific information contact the Faculty Partnerships Managers.