Academic Partnerships - your Students' Union

UPSU is an independent registered charity that seeks to represent all the students of the University of Plymouth. They facilitate student representation at all levels, host the sports clubs and societies, manage campus sport facilities and provide volunteering opportunities, independent advice, entertainment, shop, accommodation, catering and bars.

UPSU is student led and democratic. The majority of the trustees are elected student officers and all major decisions are made by students.

How can I get involved? 

Find out how you can be a course representative.

University of Plymouth Partner Institutions course representative cycle.

Advice services

The UPSU Advice centre is an independent, confidential, impartial advice centre available to students regarding any aspect of their life.  The advisors are available for students to drop in and see, or an appointment can be made.  

SSTAR Awards

SSTAR Awards - What is Excellent Teaching?

UPSU Summer Ball 2014

Official after movie from the 2014 UPSU Summer Ball