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Engaging with  HEA (Higher Education Academy) PSF (Professional Standards Framework) -  A document outlining the potential strategies for partners to engage with the PSF. FAQ's about Professional Standards Framework for Higher Education (PDF document) (February 2015)

The 2010/11 UPC Research and Scholarship Showcase - Previous HELP CETL showcases and Award Holder documentation are available through UPlaCe 

Scholarly toolkit - This resource outlines the Boyer model of scholarship and contains resources and guidance for engagement in research and scholarship including dissemination support and advice.

New to the toolkit - a dedicated teaching research methods section focused on providing lecturer support resources. The resources within this site have been compiled in line with our HEA funded research with college staff and students into research methods teaching.

HEA scholarly activity resources

QAA report on scholarship for FDAP/TDAP

HEA college based HE page with links to scholarly activity resources/projects

Recent staff publications 

Seale, J, Georgeson J, Mamas, C. Swain, J. (2015)  Not the right kind of ‘digital capital’? An examination of the complex relationship between disabled students, their technologies and higher education institutions, Computers and Education, Vol 82, pg 118-128.

Gray, C. (2014) ‘Implementing marketised Higher Education: The view from the street level’. Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE) Conference. Newport, Wales: 10th – 12th December 2014. Click on the link to view the Paper and Presentation

Gray, C. and Stone, M.  ‘What are voices from across the collaborative HE sector telling us?’ Forum for Access and Continuing Education Annual Conference, Salford University, Salford, 2nd – 4th July 2014. Click on the link to view the Abstract and Presentation.

Turner, R. Gray, C. Sutton, C.  Swain, J.  Petersen, C. Schofield, C. & Thackeray, D. (2014) ‘Teaching Research Methods – insights into a challenging area’. PedRIO Conference. Plymouth University, Plymouth: 2nd April 2014. Click on the link to view the Presentation

Gray, C. and Stone, M. (2014) Voices from across the collaborative HE sector, Association for the Collaborative Provision of Higher Education in England, Plymouth University.

Gray.C, Swain.J and Rodway-Dyer.S, Student voice and management: connecting through partnership, Tertiary Education and Management, Vol 20, no 1, pp 51-71

Research in Post-Compulsory Education Volume 18, Issue 3, 2013. A social constructivist approach to introducing skills for employment to Foundation Degree students. (You will need a Plymouth Account to access this article) L. Rutt, C. Gray, R. Turner, J. Swain, S. Hulme & R. Pomeroy. 

Teaching Research Methods projects HEA project. Claire Gray, Bill Esmond Carole Sutton, Julie Swain, Cathy Schofield, Demelza Thackeray, Rebecca Turner.

HEA Social Sciences Conference PowerPoint presentation Forum for Access and Continuing Education (FACE) Conference 2013. Claire Gray and Julie Swain.

Abstract and presentation on student progression.

Conference, September 2013 Digital capital and inclusion: an exploration of the technology and e-learning experiences of disabled university and college students. Jane Seale, Jan Georgeson, Christoforos Mamas & Julie Swain.

Learning Gain

The university is currently working with 6 partners on a Hefce funded Learning Gain pilot project.

The project aims to evaluate the use of research methods knowledge, skills and attributes gained over a student journey from level 5 (year 2) to level 6 (year 3) in both higher education (HE) college and university environments.

The research uses a mixed methods approach to exploring the potential of measuring student development in research methods as a proxy measure of learning gain. Building on previous funded research into research methods teaching in college environments, this project provides a focus on understanding the contextual and disciplinary aspects of student learning about research and how to do research. Understanding both commonality of research across HE as well as subject and contextual difference the project team hope to test a model which offers the potential of measurement as a means for enhancing and supporting learning.

The six partners are: Bridgwater and Taunton College, City College Plymouth, Cornwall College, Petroc, South Devon College, Strode College. The partners are critical in directing and supporting college engagement by staff and students, and in contributing to the strategic development and oversight of the project through a steering group.

The project team, led by Mark Stone and Pauline Kneale are from across the university: Claire Gray, Reema Muneer, Anne McDermott, Carole Sutton, Julie Swain, Rebecca Turner.,105306,en.html

The RAND report, commissioned by Hefce, BIS and the HEA, provides a comprehensive backdrop to understanding the focus of the Hefce Learning Gain pilot projects.,102338,en.html

Collaboration between the Plymouth Learning Gain project and the AoC Scholarship project

Both projects have a focus on the role of research and scholarship in College Higher Education. We have therefore developed a strand for collaboration to capitalise on this unique opportunity to gain contemporary understandings of the role of research methods teaching within College Higher Education (CHE). All colleges who are part of the Scholarship project are invited to support their level 5 HE students to undertake the questionnaire which has been developed through the Plymouth Learning Gain project.

Supporting video materials for Scholarship Project Partners

Overview for Scholarship Development Managers: Claire Gray provides an introduction to the collaboration between the Scholarship project and the Learning Gain project.

Supporting video materials for Scholarship Project Partners

Questionnaire guidance for students: Reema Muneer provides guidance to students completing the Learning Gain questionnaire.