Record of Excellence

Academic Partnerships builds on a long history of institutional collaborations to deliver higher education courses and learning opportunities. We work to deliver more than could be delivered by one institution alone. Plymouth University began working with regional partners in 1978, and this has expanded to include over 20 national partners involving over 14,000 students.

The University was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary prize for its exceptional work - of the highest standard - with its partner colleges. And in 2005, Plymouth was awarded a £4.5+ million grant to further develop support for higher education delivered in partner Further Education Colleges through the Higher Education Learning Partnerships Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (HELP CETL). 

The University also has a growing network of international partnerships. This provides opportunities for international students to study with Plymouth in the UK and in their own countries. Key recent developments include work with NSBM in Sri Lanka. This work is underpinned by extensive international research collaborations, like the Plymouth University Berlin research node.

Partnership practice – documents outlining the quality of our track record in partnership working

The History of Academic Partnerships

Pioneers in Partnership

QAA Collaborative Audit 2009/2010

The Academic Partnerships Repository - This houses a raft of partnership research and development resources, including those from the HELP CETL (2005-2010) and JISC and Open Educational Resource Projects.