The Bridge | Open innovation and knowledge exchange

The Bridge is a new initiative designed to increase the growth, productivity and resilience of the Creative Economy in the South West by bringing together industry and academia through open innovation and knowledge exchange.

<p>The Bridge - farmer in a field</p>
<p>The Bridge - girl with blackboard</p>
<p>The Bridge - virtual reality</p>
<p>The Bridge - meeting viewed from above</p>

What we do:

  • Support collaborative research, development and innovation
  • Develop opportunities for knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange
  • Foster new connections, partnerships and collaborations
  • Provide access to funding opportunities

We help businesses and organisations develop new products, services and experiences and gain access to skills, talent and resources. We help academics increase the visibility, profile and impact of their research, enhance the student experience increase student employability and graduate outcomes.

If you would like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or have a specific requirement, please get in touch via email.