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Solve your business problems by working with the brightest academic minds. From consultancy to knowledge transfer programmes to graduate internships, access our expertise, market research services or talented students to help your business grow.

Consultancy, contract and collaborative research

Your business can work with our academics and technical staff on a range of projects. We have a track record of working successfully with organisations in the UK and abroad on collaborative projects, contract research and consultancy. 

The University is committed to working with business and has a dedicated team to support you in the set up and co-ordination of consultancy and contract research agreements. 

If you would like to find out how our wealth of knowledge could help your organisation address a problem, meet a new challenge and grow, please get in touch to find out how we could help. 

Research institutes - contact us to find out if access to our eight research institutes could help your organisation grow and innovate.

SERIO - you can commission social, economic and market research to help you understand your market, make informed decisions and develop effective policy and strategy.

Real business experience

"It is my view that the KTP we embarked on with Charlie and University of Plymouth has been highly effective. We have not only got an innovative market leading product, but also a very detailed overall understanding of the market, which will be instrumental in the company's strategy, for the development of other products within this sector during coming years." 

Ian Coates, Design and Engineering Director, Zoeftig

If you'd like more ideas on the sort of help that's available, take a look at a selection of case studies and learn about some of the businesses we've helped so far.

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