Wolfson Nanomaterials and Devices Laboratory

What is the Wolfson Nanomaterials and Devices Laboratory?

It's a clean room based laboratory for leading edge research in nano-spintronics, computer memory and data storage technology, nano-functional materials and biosensors. This includes a range of thin film deposition, micro fabrication facilities, and magneto-transport as well as nano-scale metrological characterisation instrumentations. Our six-targets and load-locked device-scale spintronic film deposition tool is unique in a UK university.

The laboratory is fully equipped for the exploration of leading edge science and technology, with a wide range of applications in sectors such as communications, defence, aerospace, security and photonic surgery to medical and analytical instrumentation.

Equipment includes:
  • laser and electron microscopes and a confocal laser microscope 
  • magnetic and spin transport measurement systems; fully computer-controlled MH, RH and spin torque switching, capable of measuring films as thin as 1nm; and a Keithely dual channel V & I source/measurement meter for transistors 
  • Nano-R atomic force microscope with sub-nm resolution for 3D characterisation of nano-scale devices and surface morphology, film thickness and surface roughness 
  • Nordiko 9550 spintronic deposition tool with six-targets and load-locked device-scale spintronic film deposition capability 
  • OAI submicron mask aligner – semi-automatic with a minimum feature size of 0.8 µm.
The following research interests and opportunities are also available in this area:
  • graphene technologies 
  • head field simulation 
  • label-free bio-transistors 
  • metallic spintronic films and devices 
  • semiconductor spin field effect transistors 
  • signal processing 
  • spintronic biosensors 
  • thin film heads, media and micro/nanofabrication.
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