Christopher Perry – BA (Hons) Music (Technology) graduate

Current Employer: Stoke Damerel Community College

Current Job Title: Drum Teacher; Postgraduate Student

Current Location: Plymouth

“Studying at Plymouth helped me to gain the musical confidence that I needed to push me on in my career. Learning from great lecturers and with like-minded students is the best environment in which to thrive.”
Tell us what you have been doing since completing your studies.

Whilst completing my undergraduate degree, I gained employment through the University of Plymouth Opportunities Scheme, teaching drums at secondary school level. I have continued to teach and grow my student base at the school as well as possible employment at other schools. I have also progressed onto, and am currently completing, the MRes Digital Art & Technology course.

What is the most difficult thing which you have faced in your career?

The most difficult thing to overcome is making the contacts that you need. The University of Plymouth not only did a great job in making me feel ready for the career that I have chosen but also through the staff and programmes such as  he University of Plymouth Opportunities Scheme they linked me to the correct people to gain entry into my chosen career path.

What is the best, most exciting or fun thing that you have done in your career?

So far I have had several students who are looking to take their graded exams soon, and one that already has. They gained a certificate with merit, which is very exciting for me to see them succeed.

What, if anything, would you do differently if you could?

If I could, I would have approached the University staff sooner to make the career contacts that I have. Starting earlier and gaining more experience is always going to help.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into the same line of work?

Gain as much free experience as you can. Whether it's volunteering, interning or doing workshops, any experience related to the field is useful and a great way to make contacts.

How did studying at Plymouth help you?

Studying at Plymouth helped me to gain the musical confidence that I needed to push me on in my career. Learning from great lecturers and with like-minded students is the best environment in which to thrive. They also pushed me to do things that I wouldn’t normally do outside of the course; for example, I was asked to do a workshop using my third-year project, which involved using a Microsoft Kinect to make music and sound from the body with some of the Dance students from another course.

What is your favourite memory of studying at Plymouth?

My favourite memory would be working on one of our developing musicianship modules and learning, really for the first time, what it means to be a musician working in the industry. It also gave me first-hand experience working in the realms of music technology, which then prompted me to specialise in Music Technology and carry on my research with the MRes Digital Art & Technology.

Do you stay in touch with other University of Plymouth alumni or lecturers?

I keep in touch with a few friends that I have made; many though have moved on to jobs or other universities, also progressing to postgraduate education. I do keep in touch with some lecturers, especially those who helped with PUPOS and specialising in my final year.

Would you recommend undertaking a course with the University of Plymouth, and why?

I would definitely recommend a course with the University of Plymouth: there is a rich and diverse choice of subjects at Plymouth along with an incredible campus, which is constantly being modernised, and some of the friendliest and helpful lecturers and university staff that you will meet.

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