Jocelyn Lee – BSc (Hons) Maritime Business and Maritime Law

Current Employer: IMC Industrial Group

Current Job Title: Marine Insurance Executive

Current Location: Singapore 

Year of graduation: 2017

“The staff at the university are helpful and approachable which made me feel less alone.”

Since graduation...

“I get to learn new things every day, instead of doing the same things over and over.”

I joined my current company in early July 2017 as a Marine Insurance Executive after completing my studies. My current job scope is handling claims – namely crew, cargo, hull and liability. I started out handling only crew claims alongside some underwriting tasks. After about six months, I was given the opportunity to handle a larger variety such as cargo and third-party liability claims which are more complex.

Things do get challenging sometimes, especially when we receive a number of cases consecutively and time gets tight. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, no matter how challenging the work can get, I feel fulfilled not only when I get to close on a case but even when I’m simply tallying survey figures.

I feel that the most exciting part of my job is when I submit a claim for reimbursement and gets approved. I feel thrilled, and that feeling never gets old.

Jocelyn's experience at the University of Plymouth

“The teaching staff are passionate about their area of expertise and are up-to-date with their topics.”


When I was studying for my diploma, I had a keen interest in marine insurance and maritime law but did not know how to get into a career in these areas and thought of becoming a ship operator. When I found out that the University offers a degree in Maritime Business and Maritime Law, I jumped at the chance.

Singapore Polytechnic’s partnership with the University of Plymouth really attracted me as we get to enter the final year of studies directly. I also wanted to learn to be independent so this was a perfect opportunity for me to do so. I lived far away from the universities in Singapore and I did not want to spend three hours travelling every day.


I stayed in the University’s halls of residence and I really enjoyed my stay even though the price was higher than privately renting. The accommodation team is really efficient. I remember that my room’s heater was leaking and I informed the main reception. A contractor had to be called but despite this my heater was fixed in three days. It was reassuring to know that I was never alone and did not have to worry because I knew that the team will do whatever they can to make sure that I was comfortable throughout my stay. Further, I love online shopping and it helps that the reception will receive the parcel on my behalf. I never had to camp near the door to make sure that I did not miss deliveries.

My favourite memory was when I finally finished my dissertation after months of hard work and extensive research.

I frequently visited the library. I loved the study rooms – I got privacy and it was quiet enough for me to concentrate. Snacks and coffee were also available via the vending machines. The staff members are friendly and Primo is a great tool as it enabled me to view textbooks online. I was able to strengthen my research skills and it made me believe that I could do anything as long as I am not afraid of working hard.