Alumni community

What does 'alumni' mean?

The word alumni is used to describe a group of individuals that have graduated from an educational institution. In the broader sense, alumni can also encompass other individuals with links to the institution, including staff, donors and other supporters.

The singular of this word is alumna for a female graduate, and alumnus for a male.

What is the alumni community?

Plymouth's alumni community is made up of over 135,000 graduates in more than 135 countries, all with a special connection to the University. We encourage an active three-way communication - from the University to alumni, alumni to the University, and alumni to alumni - which is beneficial for all involved.

Alumni that have graduated with a qualification from Plymouth are our very best ambassadors and through this community you have a network for life.

Who's it for?

The alumni community includes our graduates - from Plymouth and all of its former incarnations - as well as other individuals that have links to the institution, such as former and current staff, donors and other supporters.

Over the decades, the University has grown to encompass many institutions and partners - including Plymouth Polytechnic, Seale-Hayne and Rolle College.

Alumni from all of these institutions, as well as those studying an accredited course at our partner institutions, are welcome to participate in our alumni community. A number of individuals from these areas are already actively involved and we look forward to welcoming you.

Our alumni programme

This is the combination of benefits and services that are on offer to you, including events, careers support and information. We'll keep you up to date with news and developments from across the University and actively encourage alumni to keep in touch and tell us about their achievements.

It is important that our alumni community is involved in helping to shape our future. Based on your feedback we launched Plymouth Connect, an online community to help graduates to stay connected with each other wherever they are in the world and support our students. Plymouth Connect allows alumni to connect securely online, support each other and current students. We hope that you will join Plymouth Connect and start connecting today!

How do I get involved?

Fill in our short contact form so that we can tell you about opportunities to get involved, join our online community, Plymouth Connect to connect with other graduates online or simply email your latest details to so that we can stay in touch with you.

Lost alumni

Are you in contact with a Plymouth graduate who isn't in touch with us? We'd love to hear from them. Share our Lost Alumni Campaign with them to encourage them to get back in touch with us or drop us a line with their details so we can contact them. Email us at