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The Digital and Content Team is responsible for managing content and marketing activities across all University digital and social media channels. We govern, write, design, edit, publish and maintain University content on our website, digital channels and across our social media platforms, ensuring audiences have the best possible user experience when they interact with us online. 

We are also responsible for leading the strategic direction, overarching structure and design of the University’s website and social media platforms as well as evaluation, testing and research to inform continual development and improvement.

Digital and Content Team

Content approval requests submitted by CMS users Within three working days
Minor text amendments and updates Within five working days
Providing advice and creating new content for the external website Scheduled according to scale, complexity and resources
Provision of analytics and SEO advice Within five working days
Medium scale changes to external website pages e.g. full page/site changes, design, multiple use of images, video etc. Scheduled according to scale, complexity and resources, generally within five working days
Content management system (CMS) support Within five working days​​
Help and advice with digital imagery Within five working days
Urgent/high priority amendments Immediately or ASAP
Social media updates/event promotion Within three working days
Social media projects Within five working days