Office 365: Skype for Business online help

Skype for Business is retiring...

The University is planning to replace Skype for Business with MS Teams from December 2020, this is in preparation for the retirement of Skype of Business by Microsoft in July 2021.

Teams is available for all staff and students and is an innovative solution for teamwork that brings together chat (IM), meetings, audio/video calling, file management and a project workspace. To learn about Teams in 2 minutes, watch the Introducing Teams video. View more information about Microsoft Teams (Login required)


  • Will I be able to contact people who are still using Skype for Business outside the organisation?

Yes, you can use Microsoft Teams to message/call/video call people using Skype for Business.

  • How will people who are still using Skype for Business be able to contact me?

You will receive the messages from people using Skype for Business in the Chat function in Teams.  

  • How can I attend existing recurrent Skype for Business meetings?

There will be no change to this, The Skype for Business client with meeting functionality will be available even after Skype for Business is retired.  

  • What will happen with my chat history from Skype? Will it be lost?

You will not lose any data. Skype for Business chat history is stored in Outlook and accessible through the Conversation History folder. This can be found in the folder pane on the left-hand side of Outlook.

  • Do I need to do anything in preparation for the Skype for Business retirement?  

All you need to do is get familiar with using Teams or Zoom to communicate and collaborate instead.

Running online meetings in MS Teams

As well as Chat between Staff, Students and external users, MS Teams has powerful meeting functionality that includes these great features increasing your collaboration within your Online Meetings

  • Share your desktop
  • Share a program
  • Presenting PowerPoint slides
  • Using a Whiteboard
  • Conduct Poll in a Meeting
  • Sharing and Co-authoring documents

Recommended equipment

Microsoft Teams and Zoom are compatible with the camera and microphone built-in to your laptop/desktop.  However, if you wish to purchase alternative equipment see the list below.

Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000

Logitech USB headset H340

Microsoft LifeCam Studio for Business
Logitech Connect small space video conferencing system

You can purchase these from a range of vendors including XMA. This equipment will require funding approval from your local departmental budget and can be ordered via your local Accounting Point.