Office 365: Outlook on the web

Important set up information

The default action for the reply button in Outlook on the Web is 'Reply to all'. This may catch out some users who are expecting the button to  be a simple 'Reply' to the sender. 

If you would prefer your default reply action to be 'Reply' to sender, you will need to update your Outlook on the Web settings as in the ILS Self Help article.

Set Outlook for the web default reply behaviour.

What is Outlook on the web?

Outlook on the web is the new version of the Outlook Web App you may have previously used to access your email in your browser. If you already have a personal account, you will recognise Outlook on the web as it has the same layout.

Outlook on the web is part of the Office 365 online suite of tools. You will still be able to view your email through Outlook on your desktop computer as normal, or use your own mail program if you prefer. Outlook on the web gives you the freedom of viewing your email online, which is especially useful when using a computer without Outlook installed, or using a mobile device.


Offline use – In some browsers, Outlook on the web can be set to work in offline mode, which means emails can be read and replies written and sent, just like in Outlook desktop client. The mailbox will refresh and send the mail as soon as the device is connected to the internet.

Inline compose – Without opening a new window, you can compose a reply in the reading pane after reading an email. This saves you time and means you don’t have windows cluttering up your screen.

Attachment reminder – Outlook on the web will try to detect if you have forgotten to attach a file, by looking for keywords in your email. This great feature could save you the annoyance of having to re-send emails!

Drag and drop attachments – With a suitable browser, you can drag and drop files into the email window to attach them – and you can keep typing while the file uploads.

Attach files from OneDrive – You can attach files from OneDrive to email, with the option to collaborate online with the recipients. No more dealing with multiple edited versions, because each person makes their changes or comments in one document, and you can control the permissions.

Picture preview slideshow – If you receive an email with pictures, you can view thumbnails as well as a larger slideshow without having to download and open the files to your device.

How do I use it?

Simply log into Outlook on the Web by clicking Login link at the top right of the University web page. Then select the tile for My Email.

You can also go directly to

You can set up your University email account through the built in Mail app on your smart phone or tablet, or you can download a standalone Microsoft Outlook app to your device. Apps are available for Android, iOS, and of course Windows phones and tablets.