Office 365: OneDrive for Business

What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage service that allows you to store, edit, share and collaborate on your personal files and documents. It is a fully integrated part of Office 365, which means you can access, edit, and save your Office files all without having to download them to your computer. You can share and collaborate on work with students and staff and people external to the University, simply and securely.

Note: OneDrive is intended for your own personal working files. University staff who need to share and collaborate on documents with team/department/faculty etc. can do this in a Team Site

Office 365: OneDrive sync client

The best tool to manage files and folders from your Windows or Mac computer.

Access and manage your OneDrive files quickly and easily on your computer using the next-generation sync client.

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OneDrive for Business is an enterprise service from Microsoft, so they protect any data we entrust with them. You use your University login to access OneDrive for Business. All data is stored in European servers and is subject to EU data security laws and regulations, such as EU Safe Harbour and EU Model Clauses.

Guidance on use of OneDrive for Business

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Office 365: Information management good practice

Help and guidance on naming, organising and storing your files

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