Office 365: Research sites


Office 365 Research Sites are a cloud hosted working space for University research groups and institutes. 

Research groups can use them to create, store and share everyday working files with University colleagues and externals as well as providing additional tools such as calendars, image libraries, announcements, discussions and web pages.

You can:

  • Collaborate on documents, track and review changes and see a full version history for the life of the document
  • Have a calendar to record dates, meetings, conferences
  • Use a task list to track project tasks and deadlines
  • Share and collaborate with people external to the University
  • Use an image library to store photos
  • Use Microsoft Teams to meet, chat and collaborate online with other researchers

Visit the example research site to have a look at what you can do.

Setting up a research site

Fill in the online form to request a research site

Click Raise a request and choose Office 365 Site request

Log in to IT Self Service

Office 365 Research sites

Visit the research demo site to see an example of what you can create

Research demo site