Office 365: Cross institutional sites


Cross institutional sites should be used to manage and share information for university wide functions.

Information in a cross institutional site is owned/fed by multiple teams and does not sit within a particular team/department/faculty.

Cross institutional sites have a wide range of tools to allow staff to publish documents, web pages, links etc.

Examples of cross institutional sites include:

University visual identity

  • Information on the new university visual identity.

Online Module Boxes

  • Sites that are accessed via Module courses where module box contents can be uploaded and stored. Each school can have its own online module box that is owned and administered by school office. Further information and help on using the online module boxes can be found on the online module box help pages.

Setting up your Team site - online training and guides for site Admins

This section contains guidance and help for site administrators on how to setup and structure your site.

Online course

Self-enrol on the Moodle course below


How to request an Office 365 site

Fill in the online form to request a Team, Research, Committee or Cross Institutional site

Click Raise a request and choose Office 365 site request

Login to IT Self Service

Office 365 Cross institutional sites

Visit the Visual Identity site to see an example of a cross institutional site

Visual identity site