LGBT+ Staff Forum

Our aims:

  • Support the development of an LGBT+ friendly culture at the University of Plymouth.

  • To offer confidential support and guidance to all LGBT+ staff at the University.

  • Create visibility for the LGBT+ staff community at the University of Plymouth, including acting as information/welcome point for new LGBT+ staff and all new colleagues.

  • Provide an opportunity for LGBT+ staff to network both inside and outside the University and to offer possibilities for social and professional peer support and mentoring for all staff.

  • To advise and give feedback on University policy development and associated practice.

Latest news

We love to share our exciting news and developments on how we are supporting staff and students at the University, as well as our work in the local community.

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Find your nearest Breathing Space

Research carried out by the Stonewall organisation found that members of the LGBT+ community have a higher than average prevalence of mental ill health which can be attributed to a range of factors such as discrimination, isolation and homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.

The University of Plymouth LGBT+ Staff Forum have launched a network of Breathing Spaces across campus to allow any LGBT+ person to go somewhere quiet to pause, relax and decide what to do next. 

If you would like your work area to becoming a Breathing Space, please email to get more information. 

Gender-neutral toilets

The University of Plymouth supports our Trans and non-binary staff and students in using the toilets they feel most comfortable in. You have every right to feel safe in the toilet you choose.

If you would prefer to use a gender-neutral toilet then use this map to find your closest one. Bullying, harassment and discrimination is never tolerated; if you experience any problems or have any concerns then contact us at

Who's who

"I am proud to be an LGBT+ ally. It is all too easy to assume that everything is fine and that initiatives like the allies programme are no longer needed. The statistics nationally tell a different story and so it is important, in order to main and foster a truly welcome culture, that initiatives such as this exist."

– David Alder, Chief Marketing Officer and LGBT+ Champion