LGBT+ History Month 2020

LGBT+ History Month is an annual celebration that provides education and insight into the issues faced by the LGBT+ community and works to combat prejudice against them.

It has taken place each February since 2005 in the UK and observes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements.

Laura Russell, head of policy at Stonewall, explains that LGBT History Month provides the LGBT+ community and its allies with the opportunity to "honour those who’ve come before us and raise awareness of the work we still have left to do."

The first Gay Pride march in UK, London 1972 - Pride in History

Ostensibly about Britain’s first Pride March in 1972 this film also covers the beginning of the Gay Liberation Front, Peter Tatchell Human Rights Foundation, Shropshire LGBT Film Festival, Shropshire National LGBT History Festival and Liverpool Pride.

Watch the short film directed by Zachary Cole

Produced by the Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality in Further and Higher Education and a group of trade unions in association with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) History Month, Voices and Visibility has been produced to support those raising awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity equality and diversity.

Centred on the United Kingdom, it highlights important legal milestones and identifies visible and significant contributions made by individuals, groups and particularly the labour movement.

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The Equality and Diversity Team would like to introduce Plymouth Proud Voices. This is Plymouth's first LGBT+ singing group, set up in 2019 by Plymouth Music Zone and is group is open to the LGBT+ community and friends.

The singing group is open to all voices and experience levels and gathers every Thursday (18:00-19:30) at Plymouth Music Zone (Raglan Road, Plymouth, PL1 4NQ).

Session cost is £4 (concessions available), if you would like to book your place or have any queries please contact Plymouth Music Zone on 01752 213690 or