Human Rights

FREDA focuses on the application of knowledge of the UN Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998 into practice.

FREDA offers a workshop for Stage One Social Work students (first year degree level), which focuses on the application of their knowledge of the Human Rights Act 1998 from law lectures into practice on placement.

Your tutors, study groups, other professionals and supervisors are available to talk to about these complex issues. Remember, be a learner and engage in the debate.

We welcome ongoing analysis and critique of knowledge presented on the FREDA website so please send any feedback along with positive suggestions to support this learning to

Useful links and resources

British Institute of Human Rights

The British Institute of Human Rights provides a wealth of useful information including:

Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission use a human rights approach to regulation summarised in their infographic.

Research in Practice for Adults

This Leaders’ Briefing outlines key factors which can help organisations to embed human rights in the planning and delivery of social care services drawing from practice examples.

Leaders' Briefing: Embedding human rights in adult social care (reproduced with permission from RiPfA)

Rights info

You can access further resources and register for daily updates on the Rights Info website.

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice provide a short introduction to human rights (2006) available as a PDF.

Equality and Human Rights Commission

The Equality and Human Rights Commission provide a guide to the Human Rights Act for Public Authorities (2014) which is also available as a PDF.

brap (formerly known as Birmingham Race Action Partnership)

brap stands for equality, fairness, human rights, social justice, and better outcomes for service users. brap offer this useful guide for voluntary sector organisations on applying human rights principles within their agencies.

What does belonging to FREDA mean to me?

“Being part of FREDA has meant that I have been able to stretch my thinking outside of my immediate cultural and societal values to the wider global context.

Janet-Rose Czako, Social Work student