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The Forum for Race Equality and Diversity Awareness (FREDA):

  • is an open access network of people across the South West who have an interest in practice learning and development in the promotion of race equality, social justice and human rights
  • is committed to active and continual learning
  • designs and facilitates open learning events
  • develops resources to support practice development underpinned by the values and standards of FREDA
  • works in partnership with the University of Plymouth.

Who are we?

FREDA activities are organised by a small working party of local practitioners, academics, students, service users and practice educators. We are currently a group of eight and meet about every six weeks currently via Zoom but normally on the University of Plymouth campus.

If you would like to come along to any of the working party meetings please leave your contact details with equality@plymouth.ac.uk and one of us will get back to you with information about the next meeting or event. You would be very welcome.

We organise events, share learning and co-ordinate the wider FREDA network across the South West.

The network covers Devon, Torbay and Cornwall, though those wider afield are welcome. If you would like to be added to the network complete this online form. There are already nearly 200 members of the FREDA network.

Upcoming activities

FREDA are currently organising an event for June 2022 on promoting the rights of Gypsies, Roma, Travellers, Showpeople and Boaters.

  Past activities

  • Proof of Identity: LGBT+ Intersectionalities, October 2019
  • Plymouth Respect Festival, September 2019
  • Refugee Week, June 2019
  • Dr Alan Butler – Plymouth's Hidden LGBT History, February 2019

What does belonging to FREDA mean to me?

“It’s a gateway for me to express my views as a woman, as a black person and as a disabled person. It’s a way of me having permission to say 'this is the way that it is', as we are all engaged in the process.” 

Diane Lawrence, service user and carer consultative group. 


Diane Lawrence, Service User and Carer Consultative Group 


"I have learnt a lot about the various forms of discrimination and oppression and their implications since joining FREDA. It has added to my previous knowledge and has contributed to my continuing professional development and work with students. The group members are really friendly and we have a lot of fun despite the seriousness of the subject matter."

Jill Sharpe, practice assessor/practice observer.

"FREDA is inspiring; it has encouraged me to think about discrimination and oppression in a new light and has helped me to better support staff and students. The group are incredibly welcoming and it is a safe space to talk, ask questions and share frustrations."

Ariel Chapman, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager. 

Developing your practice

The standards give a framework for how you can develop your practice.

Suggestions for future events

We welcome any suggestions for future events. Please email equality@plymouth.ac.uk

We welcome ongoing analysis and critique of knowledge presented on the FREDA website so please send any feedback along with positive suggestions to support this learning to equality@plymouth.ac.uk