Changes to LABplus for 2020/21

One-way system

Please ensure that you follow the one-way system when you enter the Davy Building and LABplus facility. The arrow signs on the floor and doors will guide you around the space.


LABplus has been divided into 16 workstations allowing two-metre social distancing. Each workstation is clearly numbered and labelled. Chairs that are no longer in use have been taped off and must not be used under any circumstance.

Cleaning stations

Cleaning stations are now located at the entrance and exit of LABplus with hand sanitiser and surface spray. Please ensure that you clean your workstation at the start and end of each visit. Sinks with hand wash are also available.

Face coverings

You are strongly recommended to wear a face covering when moving around or through the LABplus facility. This is for your safety and others.

No food or drink

Food and drink must not be consumed in LABplus due to health and safety within the laboratory.