Computing at School (CAS) Regional Centre: South West

Role of the Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science (NoE) and Computing at Schools (CAS) Regional Centres of Excellence (CRCs)

The overarching aims of the Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science (NoE) in England are to ensure that:

  • the subject of computing becomes firmly established in all primary and secondary schools across the country;
  • teachers of computing, both at primary and secondary level are confident, enthusiastic, possess the subject knowledge and skills to be effective and become active participants in local communities of practice.
Key to achieving the above is the establishment and maintenance of effective information sharing networks of local teachers, the provision of high quality continuing professional development (CPD) activities matched in type, style and content to the needs of local teachers and provision of the opportunity for teachers to access coaching/mentoring from CAS master teachers. As such, the role of the CRCs is very much about nurturing and supporting communities of practice, at the heart of which lie the CAS master teachers.

  • Free Python two day intensive course Thursday 5 April and Friday 6 April 2018, hosted at the University of Plymouth. CAS Members only. More information to follow shortly.

  • Plymouth Hub meeting – to be confirmed.