Research-informed teaching


Special Study Units (SSUs)

Who can get involved? Please contact for further information

Healthcare environments  

Promoting critical thinking, develop scientific analytical and evidence evaluation skills. Three week blocks Year 1 and 2 students (we are still recruiting for providers to offer SSUs to our Year 1 students for the block in April/May). Applications required by October.

Who can get involved? All. 

Special environments   

Gaining in-depth experience in selected specialities or disciplines. Two-week block each year –Year 4 students.

Who can get involved? Consultants and GPs, associate specialists, staff grades

Working together for patients    

Appreciating the role of Allied Health Professionals. Two-week block each year (November) – Year 3 students. 

Who can get involved? AHPS

Health services management  

The organisation of healthcare provision and management of the NHS Longitudinal SSU – three blocks each year – Year 4 students. 

Who can get involved? Managers

Research in action 

Integrating science with clinical practice. Longitudinal SSU – three blocks each year – Year 3 students. 

Who can get involved? Researchers and clinicians involved in medical audits

Medical humanities longitudinal

Arts and humanities in medicine. Longitudinal SSU – 3 blocks each year – Year 4 students.

Who can get involved? Anyone with an interest in arts and humanities


Plenary teaching is conducted primarily in lecture theatres, either on the main campus in the city centre or at the John Bull Building, depending on which year is being taught. However, they can be organised to accommodate a provider's ideas and strategy for teaching specific subjects. Workshops, in particular, are open to a variety of formats. Teaching leads are always happy to discuss the most effective way of delivering learning objectives to students. Your teaching material can be made available to students again at a later date via their online learning environments.

Who can get involved? All, depending on subject taught

Student interviews

Volunteers are required for student entrance interviews. These are held in December and February.

Who can get involved? All

Ways to get involved