The Research Excellence Fund

It is important that the Peninsula Medical Foundation can respond rapidly to the needs we have outlined as, and when, they arise. 

Many of our resources are properly held in trust for the purposes specified by donors. 

The Foundation, during the next few years, is mounting a campaign to build a substantial Research Excellence Fund that will provide the resilience necessary for providing long-term support along the lines described. 

Ethical and prudent management, as has been the case to date, will ensure that this fund sustains, grows and provides a useful surplus for our charitable purposes.

If so wished, the Research Excellence Fund will maintain donations under names and purposes specified by the donors.

"We all know about the financial pressures that are bearing down on the NHS yet it is often difficult to see where you can help. The Peninsula Medical Foundation provides such an opportunity. As an established charity with links to the renowned University of Plymouth Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry it aims to support the world-class research and training that may one day help you or your family and friends.

"As Lord Lieutenant of Devon I am proud of the way the PMF plans a sustainable future for this important work being done in Plymouth."

David Fursdon, Lord-Lieutenant of Devon and Patron of the Peninsula Medical Foundation.

David Fursdon Esq (second from the right) with Professor Neil Avent and Professor Robert Fern (PUPSMD),and Denis Wilkins, Chair of the Peninsula Medical Foundation

Beating antibiotic resistance

A conversation with Professor Mat Upton, microbiologist and Denis Wilkins, Chair of the Peninsula Medical Foundation

“We are rapidly running out of options to treat the ever more prevalent ‘resistant’ bacteria. For so long we have taken them for granted.”

Find out more about Mat and his pioneering research at the University