Functional Imagery Training (FIT)

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This course is intended for psychologists, healthcare professionals, dieticians, fitness and lifestyle coaches, and others working to help individuals to change their behaviour. 

You must have experience in motivational interviewing.

The workshop fee includes support after the workshop in the form of a webinar-based group supervision meeting and individualised feedback on the delivery of a functional imagery training session.

Date: 11–15 May.

Location: Online

Price: £375

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What is Functional Imagery Training?

Functional Imagery Training is a new way of supporting behaviour change. It uses collaborative counselling techniques to help people think about their most important goals, and mental imagery exercises to strengthen the desire for those goals.

In our recent trial, participants receiving FIT lost five times as much weight as those receiving motivational interviewing and continued to lose weight after the intervention ended. 

Many reported a ‘mindset shift’ where they exercised or ate healthily because they wanted to, not because they had to. 

Functional Imagery Training differs from other counselling techniques by explicitly eliciting vivid mental imagery at each step and by teaching people how to apply motivational imagery themselves using behavioural cueing, audios and an app to support imagery practice and build self-regulation.

Further Reading:

Solbrig L, Whalley B, Kavanagh DJ, May J, Parkin T, Jones R & Andrade J 2018 'Functional Imagery Training versus Motivational Interviewing for Weight Loss: A randomised controlled trial of brief individual interventions for overweight and obesity' International Journal of Obesity , DOI PEARL

Rhodes JT, May J, Andrade J & Kavanagh D 2018 'Enhancing Grit through Functional Imagery Training in Professional Soccer' Sport Psychologist 32, (3) , DOI PEARL

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