Mental Health and Recovery

Dietitians Week 2018

Dietitians Week takes place from 4–8 June 2018, and the theme this year is ‘Dietitians do Prevention’

The aim of the week is to highlight the fantastic work that all dietitians do to prevent illness or optimise health, be that in primary care or acute settings, industry or education.

The focus of 4 June is Mental Health and Recovery.

Can food play a part in helping women recover from drug addiction?

There are many reasons why people might become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Equally, there are many and varied methods that could aid someone in their recovery journey. 

Dr Clare Pettinger has been working to support people across Plymouth at different stages of their recovery journey – and most recently with women who have suffered judgement and shame, some of whom have also battled to keep their children while they address their addiction issues. 

And there’s one thing that she believes can help as they fight their battle. Food.

Importance of dietitians in helping women in recovery

Julie Howes, Director of Services for Exeter Drugs Project, discusses the important role of dietitians in recovery from substance abuse. 

The role of nutrition in women recovering from drug and alcohol abuse

University of Plymouth student, Deanne Carlson discusses the focus of her dissertation. She is exploring the role of nutrition in women recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, their attitudes towards food, their knowledge around food, and their body image.