Advancing Practice (degree and masters level)

Advanced practice is more than a set of skills. Are you ready to extend your practice? Do you want to move your career forward? Are you ready for a challenge?

This 60 credit short course has been designed to support and challenge nurses and allied healthcare professionals across all healthcare sectors to understand and implement the values and principles of advancing their practice. You will be studying alongside healthcare professionals from different disciplines to encourage co-operation and an understanding of how the patient experience is improved with integrated working.

The content of the modules will help you to develop your knowledge of the theories that inform clinical consultations with patients, carers and peers. You will be supported to develop your clinical management planning skills to promote high quality, safe, patient-focused care in clinical practice. You will be encouraged to apply current research and evidence in your practice incorporating professional, legal and ethical dimensions. All of these skills will put you at the forefront of the transformation agenda as a future leader and innovator.


The short course consists of three 20 credit modules which can be taken at degree or masters level.

Please note that although the first module has different titles at degree and masters level, they have similar content and are taught together.

Integrated advancing practice in context (degree level) / Advancing practice in context (masters level)

The first module of the short course will enable you to develop your professional understanding within Advancing Practice, allowing you to consider the legal and ethical boundaries, the working environment and the complexities of your practice.

The fundamentals of health assessment (degree and masters level)

The second module of the short course is designed to enable healthcare professionals to critically examine and develop in an area of professional clinical practice, in a range of settings. Taught workshops will guide you, building on your pre-existing body of knowledge to further develop your skills in health assessment, clinical examination and clinical reasoning.

Leadership and innovation (degree and masters level)

The final module of the short course will enhance your confidence and competence to lead and manage quality improvement and innovation in clinical practice.

Short course lead - Catherine McDougall

 "This new and innovative short course has been designed to give clinicians the opportunity to study with other health care professionals wanting to pursue a clinical career in advancing their own practice. It ensures that the clinicians have not only the necessary clinical skills but have a deep and meaningful understanding of all issues surrounding advancing practice. The NHS of today and tomorrow needs a well-educated, integrated workforce to meet the healthcare demands of the 21st century. Come and join us on this exciting journey, I look forward to meeting you."  

Catherine McDougall RN MSc AHCP, Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead Advanced Practice

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These modules are commissioned by Health Education England (HEE) and you may therefore be eligible for funding through your employing trust.

To apply please contact your Trust’s Educational Co-ordinator who will guide you through the application process.

If you work in the private, independent and voluntary sector, please contact your employer who will advise you.