Faculty of Business: International

Welcome to the Faculty of Business International pages. The Faculty of Business is proud of our international outlook and of the range of national backgrounds that our staff and students are drawn from. In the increasingly interconnected world of global trade and multinational corporations, graduates need to be prepared to work in a wide range of cultural settings, and to manage relationships with a diverse range of people successfully. The links below take you to a range of opportunities to support you in developing your knowledge of other countries and cultures; refining your skills in communicating across cultures and furthering your interest in other societies and languages. We encourage you to use these resources to develop the capabilities that will permit you to thrive and to make a positive contribution to the globalised society of the 21st century.

Twilight Language Classes

Our Twilight Language Classes are designed specifically for students who cannot take a language elective as part of their programme of study.

Gain practical, beginners level experience in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin or Spanish over the course of the academic year.

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