Teaching Development Framework (TDF)

The TDF Scheme gives colleagues at the University of Plymouth an opportunity to gain professional recognition for their knowledge, skills and achievements in relation to Higher Education (HE) teaching/ student support. Successful participation leads to the award of HEA fellowship, of which there are three categories accessible via the TDF Scheme: Associate Fellowship (AFHEA), Fellowship (FHEA) and Senior Fellowship (SFHEA).

HEA fellowship is an internationally-recognised form of professional recognition, managed and maintained by Advance HE, the UK’s professional body for enhancing Higher Education (HE) teaching. HEA fellowship has gained currency in the HE sector, where it is frequently identified as a necessary/ desirable feature for teaching positions. In some circumstances, HEA fellowship is considered an alternative to a formal credit-bearing qualification in HE teaching.

Gaining HEA fellowship via the TDF Scheme may have been identified as a contractual obligation, when you were appointed. Subject to capacity, the Scheme is also open to established staff who wish to attain a category of HEA fellowship on a voluntary basis. All participants must have a formal contract of employment with the University of Plymouth (payroll numbers will be collected as verification). Full information about requirements and the application process can be found on the TDF DLE pages (institutional log-in details required).

The TDF Scheme is managed by the Educational Development team. All enquiries should be directed to the Scheme’s designated email account: tdf@plymouth.ac.uk

Dr John Eales and Professor Debby Cotton

Advance HE awards 10,000th Senior Fellowship to Plymouth academic

Dr John Eales has taught thousands of students across five faculties since joining the University in 1990.

Reflecting on his achievement John said:

“This process has given me the opportunity to reflect on my whole career, and to assess how I can improve my current and future teaching. The support I have received during the process has helped me to appreciate that I have made a positive difference to people and that is very gratifying. A lot of colleagues in my area might be put off applying for a fellowship, believing that they exist for those doing lots of trendy pedagogical activities, but in reality it is about being reflective and having a genuine commitment to giving students a quality experience.”

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