Supporting Assessment Learning and Teaching-extended (SALT-e)

SALT-e is a professional development opportunity for newly appointed Associate Lecturers, Associate Tutors and Demonstrates who have a fractional role (typically equivalent to or below 180 hours / year) in teaching or supporting students learning. SALT-e introduces the pedagogy underpinning student learning in HE, exploring themes such as active learning, inclusive practice and reflective practice. It will also introduce effective assessment and feedback activities.

Accreditation: SALT-e is not accredited or assessed.

Timetable and delivery

SALT-e employs a blended delivery format. Participants will engage in asynchronous, online preparatory activities prior to attending a 3-hour, face-to-face session. This session will involve in a series of activities that create space for participants to engage in a critical discussion of teaching, learning and assessment practice as well as having the opportunity to gain feedback on their teaching practice(s). In total the course will involve approximately 7 hours of preparatory activities and classroom learning.

SALT-e delivery dates

SALT-e is a new offer from the Educational Development team which will run from early 2021; all preparatory activities (equivalent to 3 hours) must be completed prior to the face-to-face half-day session (4 hours) which will take place on the following dates:
  • Tuesday 19th January 13.00-17.00 (Zoom)
  • Tuesday 11th May 13.00-17.00 (tbc)
Please book your place here: SALT-e workshop registration form.