SALT: Supporting Assessment, Learning and Teaching

The SALT workshop is designed primarily for those who have limited engagement in supporting assessment, learning and teaching. This includes activities such as: supporting lecturers in laboratory practicals; helping to staff field trips; giving a specialist lecture; marking student work and giving feedback.

"This is the best course I have been on for postgraduate researchers" (Participant, 2019)

"I have to say it was the most enjoyable and interactive session I have ever been to without ever once having to look at the clock" (Participant 2019)

"The whole course is well structured and focused. I have learned a lot today about how to improve my teaching skills. I would do it again" (Participant 2019)


Eligibility: Doctoral students, professional staff and visiting lecturers. Applicants must be fluent English speakers and ready to engage in a number of class activities and discussions.

Timetable: The SALT workshop is a full day course from 09.15 -16.30. Participants must be able to attend the full day.

Contact: the programme administrator for further information at

Accreditation: SALT is not accredited or assessed. It is designed as a workshop for beginners, with the aim of enabling participants to build a 'toolkit' to help support assessment, learning and teaching activities.

Costs: the SALT workshop is free to doctoral students and staff who are employed by the University of Plymouth. The cost for external participants is £100, payable a week in advance of the workshop. Priority places will be given to internal candidates, but applications from external colleagues in higher education are welcome and will be accommodated where possible.

SALT workshop dates

To book a place on one of the SALT workshops, select the relevant date below and complete the associated Microsoft application form. 

Please note that places are limited.