Introduction to Teaching and Learning (ITL)

Professional Development in Academic Practice: PDAP711 ITL

The Introduction to Teaching and Learning (ITL) module is a professional development module offering 20 credits at M level and Associate Fellowship of Advance HE. It aims to critically engage participants with the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and a range of approaches to teaching and learning informed by underpinning pedagogic research. They will critique their own practice in relation to the literature and develop an effective ‘tool kit’ to assist them in their support of learners.

Requirements: Minimum of 15 hours engagement in teaching, learning and assessment related activity between the start and assessment submission date for the module.

Timetable: The ITL consists of roughly 15 hours spent ‘in practice’, 40 hours directly participating in the taught components of the programme, and 145 hours spent on preparatory tasks, private study, programme-related activities and pedagogic research. Please download the schedule below and ensure that the taught sessions are prioritised in your diary.

ITL schedule 2019/2020
ITL schedule 2020/2021

Accreditation: The ITL is validated by the University of Plymouth and accredited by Advance HE. On successful completion of the PDAP711 module participants will be eligible to become an Associate Fellow.