PedRIO and TLS Completed Projects - Sustainability

Exploring the importance of ‘sustainability principles’ for dietetic practice and how to streamline these into the dietetic curriculum- a scoping review of the possibilities.

Clare Pettinger, Wendy Miller, Harriet Dismore, Rachel Horsfall & Elizabeth Atherton (Faculty of Health and Human Sciences & Teaching and Learning Support)

Understanding the many complexities of the human, social and ecological implications of climate change and their impact on the food system and food security is a real challenge for the dietetic profession. The evidence base for this emerging area needs, therefore, to be strengthened to ensure the profession is fully equipped with the competencies and skills required to embrace these wider ecological issues. This small scale exploratory project provides a starting point for developing more robust research into the future.  final report

Longitudinal Study of Sustainably Educated Graduates

Paul Warwick and Wendy Miller (Centre for Sustainable Futures and Teaching and Learning Support)

The development of participatory and active learning pedagogies in Education for Sustainable Development is seen as crucial in order to develop critical creative citizens and resilient professionals able to transition towards more sustainable futures. Increasingly, ESD in HE is framed as being concerned with developing a range of competencies in students crossing disciplinary boundaries and covering knowledge, skills, dispositions, values and attitudes. Whilst capturing numerous examples of good practice in ESD, the UN Decade for ESD monitoring and evaluation work has provided little in the way of longitudinal insight into what happens to the sustainably educated beyond their time at university. It is intended that this research project will add a new dimension to Plymouth University’s international profile as a leading HEI in both sustainability education and ESD research as it seeks to address this gap.  final report

The Sea and Me- a collaborative arts/science project exploring marine environmental awareness and communication through photography

Heidi Morstang, Simon Ingram, Lynne Wyness, Wendy Miller and Ed Bremner (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Teaching and Learning Support and Academic Support, Technology and Innovation) final report

Using Co-operative Inquiry to embed Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) across all programmes offered by Plymouth Institute of Education (PIoE)

Denise Summers, Roger Cutting, Valerie Huggins, Alun Morgan, Ciaran O'Sullivan, Paul Warwick and Wendy Miller (Plymouth Institute of Education, Centre for Sustainable Futures and Teaching and Learning Support) final report 

'More than scaling-up': sustainability contexts, competencies, and consequences- a critical inquiry  

Stephen Sterling, Paul Warwick and Wendy Miller (Centre for Sustainable Futures and Teaching and Learning Support). Also international collaboration with Harold Glasser (Western Michigan University), and Marco Rieckmann (Vechta University) final report 

Different Languages, Shared Goals? Exploring the Potential for Merged Pedagogies in Enterprise Education and Sustainability Education 

Lynne Wyness and Paul Jones (Centre for Sustainable Futures, Plymouth Business School)

This project explores the synergies between Enterprise Education and Sustainability Education, evaluating the potential for a merged pedagogical approach. The intentional conflation aims to strengthen students’ acquisition of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will be essential for the creation of a more sustainable and socially just future. Journal paper- Sustainability: what the entrepreneurship educators think 

Energy Literacy in Higher Education

Debby Cotton, Jennie Winter, Stephen Sterling, Wei Pan and Ian Bailey (Educational Development, Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Centre for Sustainable Futures) Journal paper- Knowledge, agency and collective action as barriers to energy-saving behaviour

Environmental Activism and its influence on sustainability education: experience at two British universities 

Roger Cutting, Alun Morgan, Larch Maxey, Robert Cook and Sukart Honey (Plymouth Institute of Education and the Faculty of Business) 

Investigating innovative pedagogies at Schumacher College and their wider potential in HE

Stephen Sterling and Ivor Goodson (Centre for Sustainable Futures)

Values-led education for sustainability: crossing boundaries

Paul Murray, Simon Ashby, Julie Goodhew and Richard Dawe (Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Business) Journal papers- Evaluating values-centred pedagogies in education for sustainable development  and The heart of ESD: personally engaging learners with sustainability 

Transformative learning for Sustainability in HE: Exploring Diverse Student Experiences

Jennie Winter and Debby Cotton (Educational Development) Journal paper- The university as a site for transformation around sustainability