PedRIO and TLS Completed Projects - Professional development

Evaluating teaching development in HE: towards impact assessment

Pauline Kneale, Debby Cotton, Jennie Winter, Lucy Spowart and Becky Turner (PedRIO)

This HEA-funded project is led by Plymouth University, in collaboration with Durham University, University Campus Suffolk and the Higher Education Development, Evaluation & Research LP (HEDERA). The project involved a national audit of continuing professional development (CPD) activities for teaching and learning across the HE sector in the UK. The project produced a CPD evaluation toolkit. CPD Final report.

Exploring the epistemological and practical challenges experienced by Arts practitioners when engaging with an Educational Development programme

Jennie Winter and Colin Searls (Educational Development, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Research has shown that acute problems exists where there is dissonance between teaching and learning concepts propagated on an educational development programmes and those preferred by the discipline as a result of the distinct epistemological underpinnings of knowledge in different subjects. While ‘education’ and the ‘arts’ are similar in epistemological terms, research has shown that many ‘arts’ practitioners disconnect with the content of development. This project aims to develop an understanding of the epistemological and practical challenges ‘arts’ practitioners experience when engaging with developmental programmes. Final report. 

What do trainers think of their trainees: Perceptions of trainers on the preparedness to practice of their year 1 Dental Foundation Trainees 

Catherine Coelho and Sally Hanks (PUPSMD)

The primary aim of this cross-sectional study is to investigate the views of Dental Foundation trainers on the preparedness for practice of their dental trainees. At present there is minimal evidence in the literature to assess the perceptions of other groups of professional stakeholders on how well these graduates are prepared when they leave dental school. The second aim of this research is to explore possible explanations for similarities and/or differences in perceived graduates’ preparedness by comparing graduates’ ethnicity, gender, and age. Poster- Do trainers think their new dental trainees are prepared for practice?