PedRIO and TLS Completed Projects - Internationalisation

Engaging international students in employability activities: an innovative approach

Rong Huang, Rebecca Turner, Shirley Walker and Caroline Langmead (Faculty of Business, Teaching and Learning Support and International Student Advice)

Graduate employability has been widely debated by policy-makers and academics (Pegg et al., 2012). However, Waters (2009) points out that little reference is made in current literature to the increasingly international dimensions of higher education. Huang et al.’s (2014) research into graduate employability and Chinese international students in the UK argues that the students were fully aware of a range of opportunities available to support the development of their employability but their engagement with those opportunities could be better. Many authors recognise the importance of social media in engaging students in learning but few consider graduate employability. Furthermore, anecdotal evidence gathered through our previous research and our roles in supporting international students indicate that social media might address the current gap.  final report

Internationalisation of Learning and Teaching 

Troy Heffernan, David Morrison, Debby Cotton, Pollyanna Magne and Simon Payne ( Faculty of Business,Teaching and Learning Support and Academic Partnerships) final report

Mind the gap: Chinese perceptions of sustainability and implications for teaching business and economics

Jennie Winter, Debby Cotton, Wai Mun Lim, Dongjie Niu and George Woodman (Educational Development, School of Tourism and Hospitality, Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development, Teng Hoi Conservation Organisation)

Language and Cultural Meaning: Establishing dialogical learning in an internationalised teaching and learning environment

Robert Brown, Doreen Bernath, Simon Ashby and Diana Masterson (Faculty of Business, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Health and Human Sciences) 

Becoming a university lecturer in the UK: Negotiating knowledge, experience and learning

Rong Huang, Rebecca Turner, Nick Pratt and Pollyanna Magne (Faculty of Business, Educational Development, and Plymouth Institute of Education) Journal paper- What role do teaching mentors play in supporting new university lecturers to develop their teaching practices?

International students’ perspective on employability: a missing voice

Rong Huang and Rebecca Turner (Plymouth Business School and Educational Development) Journal paper- Chinese international students' perspective and strategies in preparing for their future employability 

Undergraduate Background as a Critical Factor in the Learning Capacity and Skills of Chinese Master's Degree Students

Jingjing Xu, Phil Megicks and Dominic McKeith (Faculty of Business)

Pedagogies across borders: considerations and implications of the preparation, design, transfer and delivery trans-national programmes

Troy Heffernan and Pollyanna Magne (Faculty of Business and Educational Development) Summary podcast of workshop delivered at an International Conference of Educational Development (ICED) 

What makes a good module from a co-creation perspective?

Wai Mun Lim and Dulekha Kasturiratne (School of Tourism and Hospitality)