Employability in the curriculum and beyond

These employability in the curriculum and beyond pages are designed to support staff to ensure employability is embedded in the curriculum and to enable staff to signpost all students (undergraduates and postgraduates) to a variety of extra curricular activities which will enhance their employability. 

These pages can be used in conjunction with support from the Careers Service and/or Teaching and Learning Support. The Careers Service guidance for staff and the map of the student employability journey offer a good overview .  

Please help us add to these pages by emailing any relevant content to ed@plymouth.ac.uk.

Schools are advised to have a School Employability Lead or an Associate Head for Employability to lead the school's employability agenda. It is intended they will have an oversight of and monitor provision in each school. 

It is acknowledged some schools may have Employability Leads for different subject areas and that these will need to report to the main school lead.

Enhancing the employability of our students is a top priority for all staff. There is a wealth of expertise within the Careers Service, Teaching and Learning Support, and Plymouth Connect (located in External Relations). 

These teams can help in improving employability both within the curriculum and with students' co-curricular activities. This information sheet clarifies the roles of the different provision and contact details.

What is employability?

Employability Jigsaw Project 2016–2020

The Employability Jigsaw project aim is to improve undergraduate and postgraduate employability.

These pages contain the project report, external advisers reports, practice examples from Plymouth and information from the project forums.

Find out more about the Employability Jigsaw Project.