Technology Enhanced Learning for Medicine and Dentistry (TELMeD)

The Technology Enhanced Learning for Medicine and Dentistry (TELMeD) team develop, manage and support virtual and physical technology enhanced learning environments within the Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences.

This specialist area incorporates:

  • physical learning spaces
  • institutional virtual learning environments
  • personalised learning environments 
  • mobile and immersive learning environments. 

Supporting teaching and enhancing your learning through innovative, cost-effective technologies is TELMeD’s overarching mission.

TELMeD’s key aims are to:

  • promote learner-centred, active, collaborative, experiential, reflective and self-directed learning
  • encourage student-faculty interaction and cooperation among students
  • prompt feedback, and respect for diverse talents and ways of learning
  • provide flexible and equitable access to learning content and services
  • enhance the learning experience by integrating academic study and clinical practise
  • embed a culture of evidence-based, innovative and effective TEL provision
  • optimise learning opportunities by fostering innovation within and outside curriculum
  • establish and maintain an effective functional governance and management structure
  • develop and evolve a comprehensive quality monitoring and evaluation framework
  • remain aligned with local, national and international frameworks
  • facilitate appropriate communication channels across all stakeholders
  • provide a support framework for staff and student development
  • accelerate efficiency gains and better value by maximising economies of scale in both delivery and recording of learning.

Services on offer include:

  • instructional design, learning modules and rich media support
  • faculty and staff development
  • user and course support
  • learning service, space design and use
  • mobile learning development and support
  • research, development, assessment and scholarship
  • incorporating simulation in virtual and physical learning environments.

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