Apprentice semi-finalist Brett Butler-Smythe speaks to business students Plymouth

Perfect for guest speakers

Panopto can add value and reach to corporate or student facing events, for example, Open Days with multiple guest speakers delivering talks across the campus. By using the Panopto automated recorder, the entire schedule can be set up to run automatically on the day of the event, ensuring organisers can focus of the event itself safe in the knowledge that the talks are being recorded.

“Overall we think that content capture is a really beneficial tool, enabling us to share content from our events with students who have conflicting appointments, or are based off campus (such as those at partner colleges, who frequently miss out on campus-based activities).”
Olivia Spence, Careers & Employability Events Team, Careers and Employability Service, University of Plymouth.

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Thinking of running a conference or similar event?

With the automated recording system, users can request automatic recordings in teaching spaces across the campus. Users can then instruct guest speakers to use the PC at the front of the room and you are all set. 

Having multiple speakers at the same time in different areas of the University? 

No problem, because Panopto processes and complies all its content on the cloud server you don’t need to worry about overloading the system. This content can then be shared easily, either via Moodle or email.

Planning is vital

Planning events like these is crucial for a successful launch. When capturing an event with Panopto there are a few simple steps to take to help the recordings run smoothly. Something as simple as arranging a short break between guest speakers can make a massive difference in how smoothly the automated system runs, a small break allows for slight overruns in session etc. Though rooms are equipped with everything you need to create content in a quick and easy fashion, you or your guest speakers may wish to bring your own equipment – this is not an issue with Panopto, the Digital Education team will work with you to achieve the best results.

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