MSc Planning / MSc Town Planning online subject Q&A
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Join us on Wednesday 5 August 2020 from 14:00 to 15:00

This online session is for anyone who is interested in:

In this session you will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insight through an online Q&A session with academic staff and students.

The session will be delivered through Zoom.

1. Register for this session
2. After registering, you will receive a Zoom link by email
3. Download Zoom for free and create a Zoom account
4. Access the Q&A session by following the Zoom link sent to you by email

Using Zoom during the session

If you are early to the meeting, Zoom will update and refresh your page when the meeting host has started the meeting. Your camera and microphone will be automatically turned off and muted when you enter the session and will remain so throughout.

Your zoom username will be displayed on screen and will be visible to other participants in the meeting. You will be able to type any question you would like answered ahead of the session on the registration form, however if you think of any more you will type in your questions via the chat function, these will be visible to the other participants. The member of staff hosting the Q&A will be able to see your questions and answer them during the session.

If you would like to leave the meeting at any point, please press the ‘Leave meeting’ button found in the bottom right hand of the screen. Once the Q&A has finished the host will do this for you which will automatically end the meeting.

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