Annual Review 2021: Research funding

Here are some of the key awards in excess of £100,000

Principal lead, sponsor, description and award value

Richard Byng 

NHS National Institute for Health and Care Research 

The National Institute of Health Research Applied Research Collaboration (PenARC ) for the South West Peninsula 


Deborah Greaves 

European Regional Development Fund 

FLOW (Floating Offshore Wind) Accelerator with Wave Hub 


Zoe Mildon 

Natural Environment Research Council 

Quake4D: building physics-based, geologically rich models for investigating earthquake interaction and seismic hazard 


Richard Thompson 

Natural Environment Research Council 

BIO-PLASTIC-RISK: assessing how bioplastics break down and whether they affect terrestrial and marine species 


Martyn Hann 

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 

EPSRC Strategic Equipment Call: COAST Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Testing Capability 


Ray Jones 

Economic and Social Research Council 

Connectivity and Digital Design for Promoting Health and Wellbeing Across Generations, Places and Spaces 


Emma Sheehan


FISH INTEL: employing innovative underwater acoustic tracking technology to identify the environmental conditions a range of important marine species need in order to thrive 


Deborah Greaves 

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 

Flexible Responsive Systems in Wave Energy (FlexWave): improving the design,manufacture and survivability of flexible wave energy converters 


Nicola Brennan and Helen Lloyd 

NHS National Institute for Health and Care Research 

Optimising the delivery of remediation programmes for doctors: a participatory co-design and realist evaluation approach 


Melanie Austen 

Natural Environment Research Council 

GCRF Blue Communities: supporting the development, implementation and ongoing management of initiatives that promote the sustainable use of marine resources 


Richard Thompson 

Natural Environment Research Council 

Reducing the Impacts of Plastic Waste in Developing Countries (GCRF Plastics): asystems analysis approach to reducing plastic waste in Indonesian societies (PISCES) 


Antony Morris 

Natural Environment Research Council 

The 3D anatomy of magma transport at fast spreading ocean ridges 


Mark Fitzsimons 

European Regional Development Fund 

ReCon Soil: developing sustainable soils from construction waste and by-products 


Philip Hosegood 

Garfield Weston Foundation 

Continued funding for ongoing research on oceanographic drivers for ecosystemvariability in the Indian Ocean 


Camille Carroll 

Safra Foundation 

Accelerating Clinical Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease: a multi-arm multi-stage clinical trial platform (ACT-PD) 


Oliver Hanemann 

Brain Tumour Research 

Ongoing research into low-grade brain tumours 


Richard Thompson 

Natural Environment Research Council

Lost at Sea – where are all the tyre particles? (TYRE-LOSS): tyre particle concentrations at their points of entry to the marine environment and their subsequent transport in the water column 


Paul Simpson 

Economic and Social Research Council 

Post-Terror Atmospheres in European Cities: international comparison of how counter-terrorism and urban security change the everyday experiences of residents across cities in Europe 


Richard Byng 

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust 

Community Mental Health Framework Pilot Evaluation: testing potential models of delivery of community mental health services


Yeaw Chu Lee 


EUROSWAC – Research and impact demonstrator: sustainable energy storage/heat transfer and impact of warm water reject 


Irene Manzella 

Natural Environment Research Council 

Smart sensing of moving landscapes and their defences 


Jennifer Freeman 

NHS National Institute for Health and Care Research 

Management of chronic pelvic girdle pain following pregnancy: a randomised controlled feasibility trial 


Melanie Austen 

Natural Environment Research Council 

South West Partnership for Environmental and Economic Prosperity (SWEEP):delivering economic and community benefits to the South West, while protecting andenhancing the area’s natural resources 


Raphael Stuhlmeier 

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 

SWIM: stochastic wave modelling for inhomogeneous sea-states 


Steven Goodhew 

Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions 

Defect Visualisation via Thermography (DeViz): investigating whether the energy performance of new and renovated buildings can be improved with thermal imaging cameras as a core component of the construction process 


Kerryn Husk 

Medical Research Council 

Intervention development for community-based self-referred social prescribing 


Abigail McQuatters-Gollop 

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund 

NEA PANACEA (North East Atlantic project on biodiversity and eutrophication assessment integration and creation of effective measures): bringing together biodiversity datasets to identify trophic links and drivers of change 


Julian Elston 

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust 

The feasibility and impact of a voluntary peer health and wellbeing coaching service for outpatients with chronic long-term conditions with low activation (chronic pain, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis) 


Eduardo Miranda 

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 

QCS Hub: Quantum Computing and Music project developing QuTune, a bespoke QC programming toolbox for musicians 


Interreg – EU interregional cooperation projects; Safra – Edmond J Safra Philanthropic Foundation