Our alumni

Ongoing relationships with the University – in all its forms – are invaluable to our students and staff and add significantly to our impact. These pages provide a snapshot of some of these activities.

Alumni portraits

Those visiting the University of Plymouth's campus over the past 12 months cannot fail to have noticed the alumni portraits on show. 

Mixing fantastic photography with stories to inspire, the portrait series is a great way to find out how Plymouth’s graduates are helping to change the world. 

Here are a few of the portraits that show the range of compelling stories from among our graduates.

“From the earliest age I’ve always been fascinated by water. When I was a child, my Dad had an aquarium, and I used to sit and watch the fish for hours. Now I’m working towards gaining a better understanding of how our seas react and recover. I get to see the wider picture.”

Sophie Cousens 

MRes Marine Biology

University of Plymouth graduate (2010)

Project Support Officer, University of Plymouth Marine Institute

Matt Kemp – BSc (Hons) Cruise Management graduate

I was on my placement. Someone said to me ‘You’ve changed’. And I thought, ‘I have’. The University of Plymouth experience took me from being a very shy, quiet person to being this person controlling crowds and moving people about.

"It gave me confidence and self belief.”

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Alumni portraits

“There’s an old saying that you ‘look with your fingertips’ when it comes to working with wood, and that’s absolutely true. It’s such a warm and tactile material, I’ve always loved working with it. But at university I was a sponge, soaking up the specialities of my teachers, and learning to work with new materials like plastic and metal. I learned from experimenting and making mistakes, and from listening to those around me.” 

Joe Kennedy

BA (Hons) 3D Design

University of Plymouth graduate (2013)

Awarded Best Exhibit at the Young Furniture Makers Exhibition 2014

“Conservation has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I was drawn to Plymouth because I really felt as though they believed in what they were teaching. I’m now a sustainability communications consultant, helping businesses to become greener. Many of my contemporaries on the degree have gone on to work in research, or out in the field. But I was always in it for the chance to change things…hands on, and from within.”

Jazz Singh-Khaira

BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation 

University of Plymouth graduate (2011)

Dr Charles West - BSc (Hons) Analytical Chemistry graduate

When injury forced me to turn my back on professional football, I was at a low ebb but I had always loved chemistry, and enrolling at the University of Plymouth re-ignited that passion and enthusiasm.

"Our work is having an impact across the world, and the University of Plymouth offered me opportunities I could never really have imagined.”

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Alumni portraits