Investing in digital textbooks

In October, the University rolled out a pioneering scheme that will eventually see more than 30,000 ebooks made available to students.

In partnership with Vital Source Technologies Inc., the scheme is accessed through the new Digital Learning Environment and builds on a successful pilot that began in the School of Psychology in 2011. Students will be able to read ebooks – either online or downloaded to their preferred device – from more than 16 publishers. 

“This initiative is driven by a determination to ensure that no student is disadvantaged in terms of learning,” said Dr Phil Gee, Manager of the Plymouth eBooks Project. 

“Providing personal electronic copies of core texts significantly cuts the cost of university, and gives all an equal opportunity to succeed. We are immensely proud that Plymouth is pioneering this very practical way of supporting students, and it delivers on our strategy to enrich what we do through appropriate use of digital technology.”

eTextbooks with Plymouth University

It was great to have free access to course textbooks. It is really useful to be able to carry my kindle/tablet/phone around and know that I can check something I remember from a lecture at a moment’s notice.

BSc (Hons) Ocean Science student

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