Global issues, global impact

The University’s research is defined by its excellence, its practical application and its focus upon issues that affect communities both global and local. The University’s expertise in low-grade brain tumours, for example, has been recognised by the charity Brain Tumour Research, and the University site has become one of four national Centres of Excellence.

Similarly, in the field of dementia research, academics in Plymouth are leading a new research network on behalf of Alzheimer’s Research UK. With nearly 13,000 people in Plymouth and Exeter alone suffering with dementia, the formation of the new network in the area will strengthen research taking place to understand and find a cure for the condition.

As the newest member of the Alzheimer’s Research UK Network, which was first established in 1998, funding for the South West Network Centre will provide brand new opportunities for scientists to share resources, attend scientific conferences, and pursue innovative projects with small experimental grants.

In the School of Marine Science and Engineering, a team of storm chasers has continued to monitor and report on the state of some of England’s most iconic sand and gravel beaches.

More than 400 social housing residents have now completed surveys about their home energy usage and internet access in the first stage of a three-year project to improve efficiencies, IT literacy and community engagement. Residents will have smart meters installed in their homes, and the data recorded will be used in a ‘virtual home’ within a game that participants will be able to interact with, and test out new behaviours.