Online learning and student support

Our latest guidance for students following the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on teaching, learning and assessment

Where can I find help on studying remotely?

The University is committed to supporting students to study effectively from home or remotely. Please note, arrangements may vary from one course to another.

Support and guidance for students

Software you can download for studying at home

Updated: 10 July 2020

How should I contact my tutor?

It’s vital to keep in touch with your personal tutor during this difficult time. Personal tutor sessions may take place online or by telephone. Your tutor will provide more information.

For student support issues, you can contact the Student Hub online or the Big White Wall for pastoral issues.

Updated: 10 July 2020

I have a disability – will reasonable adjustments be made?

Where students have particular needs, we will make every attempt to make appropriate adjustments to support them to continue their studies by, for example, designing alternative assessments that are inclusive.

Updated: 25 March 2020

Do the usual extenuating circumstances apply?

Guidance for students whose personal circumstances mean they are unable to engage with teaching and assessment remotely.

In order to support you to either complete your award or progress to the next stage of your studies, we have revised the academic regulations pertaining to Extenuating Circumstances, until further notice, for those assessments that were due on, or after, Monday 16 March 2020, in recognition of the current situation. This applies for all students on undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research programmes studying at the University of Plymouth and at our partner institutions.

We strongly recommend you endeavour to meet your current published assessment deadlines. In light of the current situation however, students who are unable to submit by those deadlines will be permitted to submit up to ten working days late without penalty. If you are unable to submit assessments within those additional ten working days, this will be recorded as a non-submission and you will be offered re-assessment without penalty (i.e. at the same attempt). Please note, extensions for referred assessments due in the summer referral period will be for five working days. Please refer to the FAQ “Will I get an extension for referred assessments due in the summer referral period?

Please note, where formal, invigilated examinations are replaced by alternative time-limited assessments, there will be no opportunity to submit these assessments late. However, in the event you are unable to submit by the published deadline, you will be offered a re-assessment opportunity without penalty in the same way as you would under the standard Extenuating Circumstances regulations for a non-attendance at a formal examination.

With immediate effect, we are also removing the requirement to submit an Extenuating Circumstances claim, either self-certified or corroborated, for any assessment that was due to be submitted on or after Monday 16 March 2020. This means all students will automatically be granted Extenuating Circumstances and assessments will not be subject to any penalty as outlined above.
If you have any queries about Extenuating Circumstances, please contact your faculty or partner institution.

Updated: 10 July 2020

Will the University be reimbursing my tuition fees?

We have now moved to online teaching and assessments for the rest of the academic year, in keeping with the government’s advice on limiting social interaction and non-essential travel. During this time, we are working to maintain the quality of teaching experience while you work remotely. We are focused on ensuring the programme learning outcomes are met and that students can either complete their studies this year or progress to the next phase of their studies.

While this is a different mode of delivery, our staff are working hard to ensure delivery and to provide support through the virtual learning environments, remote counselling, e-library, etc. The supporting infrastructures that your fees pay for remain in place.

Updated: 25 March 2020

I study at a partner institution – how am I affected?

As with on-campus students, our priority is to ensure you are supported to either complete your University of Plymouth award or progress to the next stage of your studies. Please contact the programme leader at your institution for specific guidance around changes.

Updated: 10 July 2020