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Henry Yeomans


Staff card photograph

Mr Henry Yeomans

  • Plymouth Law School (Plymouth Business School)
  • Address: Room 109, Cookworthy Building, Drake Circus,
    Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA
  • Postal address: Staff Room, 20 Portland Villas, Drake Circus,
    Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA
  • Email:

PhD Student  

Qualifications & background
MSc Social Research (Distinction) - University of Plymouth
MA Sociology (Distinction) - University of Leeds
BA History and Sociology (First) - University of Leeds

Professional membership
British Sociological Association
European Society for Comparative Legal History

Research interests
Undertaking an inter-disciplinary PhD on the subject of attitudes to alcohol in England and Wales.  

Grants & contracts
My PhD is funded by the ESRC.  

Yeomans, Henry (2011) 'What did the British Temperance Movement Accomplish? Attitudes to Alcohol, the Law and Moral Regulation', Sociology, Vol.45 (1), pp.38-53.

Yeomans, Henry (2011) 'Providentialism, The Pledge and Victorian Hangovers: Investigating Moderate Alcohol Policies in Britain, 1914-1918', Law, Crime and History, Vol.1, pp.95-107.

Yeomans, Henry (2011) 'Report on The European Society for Comparative Legal History Conference - Law and Historical Development from a Comparative Perspective',
Law, Crime and History, Vol.1, pp.121-124.

Yeomans, Henry (2009) ‘Revisiting a Moral Panic: Ascetic Protestantism, Attitudes to Alcohol and the Implementation of the Licensing Act 2003’, Sociological Research Online, Vol.14 (2/3),

Yeomans, Henry (2009) ‘Report on The British Legal History Conference 2009’, Crimes and Misdemeanours, Vol. 3 (2), pp. 126-129.

Yeomans, Henry (2008) ‘Explaining Britain’s Alcohol Problem: Temperance Ideas and Ascetic Protestantism’, Proceedings of Plymouth Postgraduate Symposium: Buildings Bridges in Social Research,

Yeomans, Henry (2008) ‘Postgraduate Research Report: Intoxicating Measures and Temperance Agendas’, Plymouth Law Review, Vol. 1, pp. 148-153.

Yeomans, Henry (2008) ‘Personal Reflections on the SOLON Experiencing the Law Conference’, Crimes and Misdemeanours, Vol.2 (1), PP. 84-91.

Conferences organised
I was part of the organising committee for the Plymouth Postgraduate Symposium 2009 (Faculty of Business).I am currently helping to organise the 'Coalition Policy: Implications for Equality and Justice' conference with the Social and Public Policy Research Group.