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Peninsula Arts
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Continuum: Sunday 07 March

Plymouth Polish Festival

07 MARCH    

Chopin tour of Britain 1848 

Alicja Knast, Curator of Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina, Warsaw

When the February 1848 Revolution broke out in Paris Chopin felt compelled to leave the country. He embarked on a concert tour of England and Scotland. However, his health had become very poor and his doctors urged him to return to Paris as soon as possible. After performing a few more concerts in London, he did so. He was diagnosed to be in the final stages of tuberculosis. He died in the Place Vendôme on October 17, 1849.

Date: Sunday 07 March
Venue: Lower Lecture Theatre, Sherwell Centre
Time: 2:00pm
Admission: FREE

Alicja Knast photo Katarzyna Kasica

07 MARCH    

Piano Recital

Benjamin Frith

Chopin Grande Valse in A Flat Op 42
Deux Nocturnes Op 27
Field Nocturne No 2 in C minor H25
Nocturne No 14 in C major H60
Chopin Scherzo No 2 in D Flat Op 3
Sonata in B minor Op 58

Chopin was very aware of new musical forms emerging throughout Europe. The Irish composer and pianist John Field was born in Dublin in 1782. Field is best remembered for his 18 nocturnes which are single movement impromptu compositions for piano. The first three of these date from 1812. These pieces are notable for their influence on Frédéric Chopin, who went on to write 21 nocturnes himself.

Date: Sunday 07 March
Venue: Upper Lecture Theatre, Sherwell Centre
Time: 3:00pm
Tickets: £5 concessions £3 Free for UoP students  

Benjamin Frith

07 MARCH    

Sunlight Symphony: Sunset

Alexis Kirke and Tim Hodgson

The Continuum Festival closes with the sun setting and ‘playing’ the Roland Levinsky Building like an instrument.

See Sunlight Symphony: Sunrise

Date: Sunday 07 March
Venue: Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building
Time: 5:45pm-6:08pm
Admission: FREE

Picture of the Roland Levinsky Building

07 MARCH    

ElettroVoce CHOPIN

ElettroVoce Duo arose out of the collaboration of two Polish composers. Both have a unique approach to music; Zubel, an avant-garde vocalist discovers new means of vocal expression, whilst Duchnowski looks for new contexts for traditional instruments. Together they utilise musical expression through the human voice and new possibilities afforded by the computer.

As part of the 2010 Chopin bi-centenary celebrations ElettroVoce has responded through an innovative veneration to the great Polish composer.

ElettroVoce CHOPIN comes to Plymouth following an extensive tour of Europe and North America.

Date: Sunday 07 March
Venue: Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building
Time: 6:15pm
Admission: FREE

ElectroVoce photo by Tomasz Kulak

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