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Peninsula Arts
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Continuum: Friday 26 February

Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2010


Sunlight Symphony: Sunrise

Alexis Kirke & Tim Hodgson

Light sensors placed in windows on different floors of the Roland Levinsky Building are connected to a sophisticated computer music instrument conceived and designed by Alexis Kirke. As the sun rises over Plymouth it ‘plays’ the building like an instrument. The music produced will be heard inside the foyer of the building and will continue to play at selected times during the Continuum festivals. This building-sized instrument, played by the moving sun, utilises an advanced wireless network and interface designed and implemented by Tim Hodgson.

Watch the video of Sunlight Symphony: Sunrise

Read the BBC Devon article Sunny Symphony at Plymouth University

View the Sunlight Symphony Audio slideshow

Sunlight Symphony: Sunset will conclude the festival on Sunday 07 March

Date: Friday 26 February
Venue: Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building
Time: Sunrise
Admission: FREE

Picture of the Roland Levisnky Builiding


A-Life for Music: on Music and Computer Models of Living Systems

Eduardo Reck Miranda , University of Plymouth

Artificial Life, of A-Life, aims at the study of all phenomena characteristic of natural living systems, through computational modelling, wetware-hardware hybrids and other artificial media. Its scope ranges from the investigation of the emergence of cognitive processes in natural or artificial systems to the development of life or life-like properties from organic components.

A number of musicians, in particular composers and musicologists, have started to turn to A-Life for inspiration and working methodology. This book, being published imminently, features the work developed at ICCMR and other internationally renowned researchers at the cutting-edge of this exciting emerging field of computer music, and includes a CD with various examples of music related to A-Life. This book is part of the Computer Music and Digital Audio Series, by A-R Editions , USA.

Date: Friday 26 February
Venue: Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building
Time: 6:00pm
Admission: FREE


26 FEBRUARY scored by Antonino Chiaramonte 

Eclectic Italian musician and movie soundtrack composer Antonino Chiaramonte , will introduce a selection of short films directed by Stefano Viali, for which he has produced the music. The films have been screened at festivals around the world winning accolades and awards. The films will be followed by a talk and Q&A session with Antonino.

LOTTA LIBERA (Wrestling Match) (2004)
A match as a game which is not symbolic of inability to grow up but tool of growth: a tool which permits to recuperate what was lost, fighting without brakes and reserves in a tenacious research of grief’s causes. Because growing up needs not only to go ahead but also to turn back, reconstruct one’s history, dwell again in the empty rooms of one’s home. To fight like children, as unique tool of global communication replacing spoken word, is stimulating on an emotional and evocative level: it takes up the entire body without censures and mediations. The shortfilm was shot in Rome in three days at the end of jannuary 2004, but the script was written in 1993, after the performance of Valeria Moretti’s play. [15 minutes]

A Nurse Called Laura 2009

FORME (Shapes) (2007)
Forme is based on a true story and deals with solitude. In particular the solitude of a ten years old child that finds himself in a situation of extreme restriction. Only at the end the child’s identity will be revealed. Forme ” takes place in silence, in a dull and empty space that speaks with a loud voice. Light and darkness put gestures and feelings into the same painfull frame, as obscurity and anguish increase along the tale. Forme ” shows the need of giving shape to our inner discomfort. [13 minutes]

UN’INFERMIERA DI NOME LAURA (A nurse Called Laura) (2009)
Pietro wakes up in a strange hospital lacking the use of his legs and has no recollection of who he is and how he came to be there. Laura, a creepily evasive nurse and Leo, an old mentally-deranged patient, seems to be the only people in this absurd place. [24 minutes]

From: “Evaluative Report on A Nurse Called Laura”
By Ewen Glass 
‘Why don’t you accept your lot?’ So asks Leo, a seemingly deranged ‘patient’ in A Nurse Called Laura, a Fake#Factory film produced in 2009, highlighting one of the main themes at work in the script. The action of the short-film takes place in a seemingly disused hospital of some sort, though the specifics are never explicitly explained, and examines the burgeoning relationships, if indeed you could call them such, between the aforementioned Leo, newcomer, Pietro and the titular ‘nurse’. Of course, there is much more playing beneath the surface, beneath the literal setting, the ‘in’ which allows an audience to engage and identify with a piece of dramatic writing.

Date: Friday 26 February
Venue: Jill Craigie Cinema, Roland Levinsky Building
Time: 6:30pm
Tickets: £5 concessions £3 Free for Friends, UoP students and staff



RE:search Emsemble

Fergus Kerr horn
Andrea Gajic violin
Lauryna Sableviciute   piano

RE:search Ensemble consists of a core of extraordinarily talented, questioning and energetic musicians which was formed in Edinburgh by Stephen Davismoon.

The Ensemble’s primary purpose is to provide performances of cutting edge contemporary music at the highest of International levels. It endeavours to work with composers from around the world as well as with those much closer to home. In its relatively short lifetime it as already developed a reputation for itself, through the presentation of many UK and World premiere performances by such composers as Gerhard Stäbler, Kunsu Shim and Yuri Kasparov.

This programme, performed by three members of the ensemble includes a number of premieres by composers attending the PRISMA conference. 

Katrina Burton Miniatures for Horn Trio
John Hails Trio 3
John Eccles Impressions
Ken Dempster Aber
Stephen Davismoon Fragmented Celestial Fanfares
Eduardo Miranda Carnival for Piano
Örjan Sandred untitled
Hans Tutschku Fragile Connections
Jacopo Baboni Something in Between

Date: Friday 26 February
Venue: Upper Lecture Theatre, Sherwell Centre
Time: 8:00pm
Tickets: £5 concessions £3 Free for Friends, UoP students and staff

RE:search Ensemble


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