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Jackie Andrade


Staff card photograph

Professor Jackie Andrade

  • Job title: Professor in Psychology, School of Psychology (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences)
  • Address: B232, Portland Square, Drake Circus,
    Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA
  • Postal address: B232, Portland Square, Drake Circus,
    Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA
  • Telephone: +441752584807
  • Facsimile: +44 (0)1752 584808
  • Email:

Professor of Psychology, Associate Head of School for Research 

Qualifications & background
BA(hons) Psychology, University of Cambridge 1984-87
PhD in Psychology (spatial memory), University of Manchester, 1987-90
Research pharmacologist, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Harlow, 1990-91
Scientist, MRC Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge, 1991-95
Lecturer, senior lecturer, reader, Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield, 1995-2007
Professor, School of Psychology, University of Plymouth, 2007-


Professional membership
Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
Experimental Psychology Society
European Society for Cognitive Psychology
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

Teaching interests
PSY380 option on Consciousness
PSY250 skills option on Communicating Psychology to the Public
PSY157 Psychology of Everyday Experience


Staff serving as external examiners
External examiner 2005-2008, Honours Psychology programme, University of Surrey  

Research interests


My current research seeks to explain the processes underpinning human motivation, particularly in situations with competing goals, for example wanting a cigarette to satisfy craving now but wanting to quit and be healthier in the future. Elaborated Intrusion Theory (Kavanagh, Andrade & May, 2005, Psychol Review) gives a key role to intrusive thoughts and embodied mental images in conscious desires. Images simulate the sensory and emotional qualities of the desired experience, acting as a motivational bridge to support achievement of the goal and giving weight to concrete, familiar and easy to imagine goals (smoking, eating, being warm) over more abstract, long-term goals (getting fit, reducing climate change). With colleagues in Plymouth (Prof Jon May, Dr Sabine Pahl) and Prof David Kavanagh (Queensland University of Technology), we are focusing on two applications of Elaborated Intrusion theory: developing new treatments for addiction to target drug craving, and exploring ways to encourage healthy and sustainable behaviours. Our research on craving has informed the development of the OnTrack online treatment programmes for alcohol problems:

Consciousness, anaesthesia, and memory

I am interested in the role of working memory and imagery in recollection, particularly recollection of emotional events. In relation to anaesthesia, Dr Catherine Deeprose (Plymouth University) and I have shown that small amounts of memory priming persist during surgery even when patients are conscious. I am a member of expert panel for the Royal College of Anaesthetists' NAP5 project, which aims to collate reports of anaesthetic awareness across the UK and Ireland for one year: I worked with the Science Museum on their 'Pain Less' exhibition, which opened to the public in November 2012. 

Grants & contracts

QUT Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation –Kavanagh, Tjondronegoro, Connolly, Witkiewitz, Andrade, May & Hides, AU$29,985. Test of a new motivational intervention for alcohol misuse, incorporating mobile phone reminders. Sept2012 – Feb 2014.

Queensland University of Technology ­– Andrade, J.,Aus$3,500, adjunct professorship. Oct 2011-Sept 2014.

University of Plymouth ­­­– White, M. P.,Pahl, S., Andrade, J. & May, J., £130,000.  Dental anxiety, nature exposure and virtualreality. 2010-2013.

Peninsula Dental School – Moles, D., Andrade,J. & White, M., £52,000. The psychological cycle of dental anxiety.2011-2014 (PhD studentship).

MRC addiction research cluster – C. Drummondet al. Experimental and clinical research on treatment of alcohol misuse anddependence (ECTAD) (2009-2010)

HEA Psychology Network – J. Andrade et al, £5905: Making revision seminars more effective (09/08 – 08/10)
Australian NHMRC – D Kavanagh et al (Associate Investigator), AUS$665,250 (approx £266k): Randomised controlled trial of a new intervention for alcohol craving (01/07 – 12/09).
ESRC – J. Andrade & J. May, £42,494: Effects of thought acceptance, diversion and suppression on food craving (1.11.05 – 31.02.07)
ESRC – J May, J Andrade & H Batey, £48,654: Intrusive thoughts and mindfulness in deliberate self harm (01/07 – 12.09).
ESRC –J Andrade, J May & L-M Berry, £47,505, Coping with intrusive thoughts using mindfulness training (10/05 – 9/08).
ESRC – J May, J Andrade & J Blackburn, £60,340, Cognitive aspects of craving in eating disorders (10/05 – 9/09).
University of Sheffield Postgraduate TrainingDevelopment grant – J. Andrade & A. Sahal £10,200: PracticalTraining in Public Communication of Science (9/04 – 6/06)
Wellcome Trust – J. Andrade, £108,901: Awareness duringpaediatric surgery under general anaesthesia: Impact on children’smemory and post-operative behaviour (7/02 – 7/05).
PPP HealthcareTrust – J. Andrade, S. McHale & L. Barker, £53,832: Implicitprocess deficits and the dysexecutive syndrome following frontal braininjury in adolescence and young adulthood (5/01–5/04)
ESRC – J. Andrade, £39,998: Sensitivity of visual imagery to irrelevant visual stimulation (6/02 – 6/03).
University of Sheffield Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences – J. May, M. Jones, J. Andrade, R. Rowe, £12,206: Psychological Enquiry Based Learning (PEBBLE) (2/06 onwards)